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Welcome to Metro Steel, Inc., a family-owned and operated steel erector established by Rondale Endicott in 1984 after 20 years experience in both steel erection and crane operations. What began as a small operation with used equipment has grown to be one of the strongest and most capable steel companies in the area. We continue our mission to be a leader in the structural and steel erection industry.

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The extra effort Metro Steel puts into their projects gives us complete confidence when awarding a project to them. The experience that is shown on the job sites for safety and the quality of work their employees demonstrate on is unsurpassed. Receiving NO “Punch List” after work is inspected is unheard of - but frequently happens when Metro Steel works on our projects! Metro Steel will always be our first choice in steel erectors due to the professionalism and expertise they have shown in the past. John Talley, Talley Metals

John Talley, Talley Metals



An Introduction to Steel Erection

Steel erection is a critical phase of the construction process, where the framework is set for a building or bridge’s...

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An Overview on Structural Steel

You probably haven’t given much thought to structured steel, but it’s something you likely encounter every single day. In the...

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